Axiflux – The Future of The Electric Motor

Axiflux is the creator of the Adaptive Magnetic Flux Array™ (AMFA): The world’s first modular, real-time, software-reconfigurable electric motor and generator. Relative to a traditional electrical motor, the innovative configuration and control of the AMFA yields significant size, weight and price reductions, while increasing power output, efficiency and reliability
The Axiflux® AMFA has been in development since 2008 out of Melbourne, Australia. The patent pending technology combines a number of significant and disruptive improvements to electrical motor/generator (machine) technology with a wide-ranging suite of applications. Prototype motors are currently being trialed in applications where this technology improvement is most needed.
The key difference between the Axiflux® machine and its traditional counterpart is that the AMFA’s multiple coils can be controlled independently and intelligently by computer software that is able to use real-time optimization, artificial intelligence and neural network processing in order to respond to operational conditions. Depending on the operational requirements, a motor may be optimized for efficiency or power, at any time and for any speed.