Peazie Raises $2 Million From High-profile Global Investors

Congratulations to Jayson, Markie, Thomas, and the rest of the Peazie team on their recent $2 million capital raise! We’ve had the privilege of being a part of their journey since 2012; since then, Peazie has built a truly powerful platform for engineering highly effective competitions, promotions and conversion campaigns.

From a recent article in Startup Smart:

[…] The promotions and audience conversion platform has closed a third round of funding, bringing its total investment to $2 million across three rounds, with investors in the latest round including UK-based Sir Robin Miller, Christopher Innis and a range of local media executives.

[…] Mahon estimates size of the existing market that Peazie operates in as aboutabout $30 million but says the most exciting areas for potential growth are the difficult to quantify markets and clients that are only just starting to emerge.

To read the full article about their fundraising success, please follow this link: