Omny Announces Audio on Facebook

The Omny team have announced a new feature that allows content producers to easily convert their audio to a video player for posting on Facebook.

This allows content producers to easily reach their fans and listeners on the social network in just a few seconds.

From Rain News:

Omny Studio grabbed the video workaround by the horns with its new feature, and has targeted it strongly to podcasters, in addition to radio broadcasters. That makes sense — Facebook is a natural promotion platform for podcasting … or would be if Facebook, you know, did audio. Omny appears to be taking the hassle out of converting audio to a video player.

The team at Omny have also listed some simple steps on how to get your audio content on Facebook and to fully engage your audience, with some great case studies.

From the Omny Studio Blog:

We wrote an article on how we got one of our Podcasters, Em Rusciano, to number 1 on the iTunes charts – and one of the biggest lessons was share short bits of audio as a native video. For Em, we found a huge increase in audience engagement by sharing audio in this way.

The Adventure Capital team have always been excited about the ways that Omny is shaping the future of audio; and this is another step forward in changing the way people interact with audio content.