Adventure Capital Disruption Series: Fin-Tech Whitepaper

Adventure Capital is proud to release our second white paper as part of the Adventure Capital Disruption Series.

Our paper discusses the current state of Financial Technology (Fin-Tech) in the Australian landscape, and utilises network theory to explain the relationship between satellite banking services as a network and the opportunity for disruption.

Operating under Australian’s somewhat unique competitive dynamics, the large incumbents have relied on the existing oligopolistic network and regulatory barriers to defend against new entrants whilst competing with each other.This means they have long ignored other core defensibilities tied to the distance, dependency and stickiness or ‘lock-in’ effects of the business.

Focusing solely on the reach of a network eventually exposes one to disruption, as the ability to cross-sell products and extract maximum lifetime value (LTV) from customers relies heavily on lock-in effects.Without these, central product lines will be isolated from existing customer clusters and are eventually at risk from new entrants.

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