AC Wants To Invest $60 Million and Recruits Ex-Twitter Exec Chris Fry

We’re excited to announce that Chris Fry, formerly the Senior Vice President of Engineering at Twitter (who famously killed the FailWhale), has joined Adventure Capital as a special advisor.

Chris brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team. He’s been involved in over 75 M&A deals, including the sale of BrainTree to PayPal as a board member. As an expert in hyper-scaling teams (and leading a team of over a thousand engineers at Twitter), he’s here to help us grow our startups on a global scale.

From Business Insider:


Fry will be based in Berkeley, San Francisco where Adventure’s chairman and Doubleclick co-founder David Scott Carlick is also located. He has had a formidable career in the tech world, has been involved in more than 75 M&A deals and played a significant role firming up the sale of payments company BrainTree to eBay.

“Chris has obviously been extremely successful in helping companies scale,” Richardson said, adding: “He’ll work closely with us and also advise our companies on establishing the foundations they need as they scale extremely fast.”

Adventure is currently setting up a second fund after its first one, which so far has invested in about 10 tech companies, closed in 2013.

Investments into the second fund, which is looking at raising between $40 million and $60 million to invest in around 30 startups, will be accepted until the first half of 2015.


We’re also glad to announce that Summit LP, our second fund, is now open for applications to accredited investors. Please get in touch with us for more details.

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